ZAK30 is a patented machine, a professional tool designed for pruning trees, vines, shrubs, bushes, etc.
ZAK30 offers lightweight, practical shears that effectively make light of even the most difficult pruning jobs.
The machine allows you to work freely for up to 7 hours thanks to the practical battery-carrier backpack. It is very easy to use: just switch on the shears and begin cutting by pulling the special trigger (without forcing).
Depending on the type of wood, ZAK 30 can perform cuts up to 25-30 mm deep, and for smaller diameters it is possible to use the upper control button to reduce the blade opening and therefore speed up the shears cutting process.
The practical LED panel displays information on the machine status and batter charge level. In particular the red LED is a reminder that the shears need to under scheduled maintenance.

24V electrical motor
Supply voltage 24V
Average motor power 80W
Cutting capacity up to 25-30 mm depending on the type of wood
Shears weight 0.8 kg
Standard 24V 4.5 AMP battery
Standard battery weight 2.2 kg
Standard battery autonomy approx 8 hours
Battery charger supply voltage 230V 50HzAverage standard battery charge time approx. 4 hours


The machine is supplied in a PVC case containing the following:
1 pruning shears with related power cable
1 backpack complete with standard 24V 4.5 A battery
1 charger
1 stretch bracer
1 whetstone
1 shears holder
1 user manual and related warranty card
1 adjuster
1 canister of WD-40