Twist Standard AIMA

Twist Standard is the first absolutely unique electrical twist vibro-shaker, designed and manufactured by AIMA using state-of-the-art research design systems and production techniques. 
Twist Standard means the start of a new era in olive harvesting thanks to the new 2-comb twist vibro-shaker system (patented) with lash rods in ultra-pure carbon. 
This system (twist vibro-shaker) guarantees that the operator feels only a very low level of vibration whereas it offers particularly high performance in harvesting the olives (even the most resistant), ensuring they fall within the tree’s perimeter. 
Furthermore there is no damage whatsoever to the tree, making this a new market standard for this aspect alone. 
The excellent ergonomics ensure exceptional penetrability on any type of plant. The head mechanism fully mounted on bearings combined with an over-dimensioned motor guarantee long-lasting 

170 watt power
Comb width 210 mm with 10 carbon rods
Fixed rod+1 metre extension
Length 2.10 metres
Voltage 12V (60/90 A battery recommended)
Safety fuse 15 A
Average absorption 4/5 A
15 metres cable battery autonomy 4/6 h
The handy 12V wireless backpack allows the machine to be used with extreme comfort, withoutneeding the 15 m power cable connection to the battery on the ground.The backpack is supplied with two battery packs and two battery chargers which guarantee battery operation autonomy for 5 hours (depending on the use and type of tree).

Extension rod