Twist Evolution AIMA

Twist Evolution adopts the patented twist vibro-shaker system used by its predecessor, Twist Standard, enhanced with a control panel that manages a 24V motor, and two generous-sized connectors with 7+7 rods in ultra-pure carbon offering exceptional harvesting performance. 
The specific and unique features of the twist vibro-shaker system are its low level of vibration felt by the operator, excellent productivity even when harvesting small, resistant olives – all falling within the tree’s perimeter – yet at the same time protecting the plant from deformation and damage. 
Twist Evolution is a machine designed for the toughest of jobs, and therefore also for untended trees and trees with dense foliage.

340 watt power
Comb width 280 mm with 14 rods
Fixed carbon rod+1 metre extension
Length 2.10 metres + 1 metre extension
Voltage 12V (80/100 A battery recommended)
Average absorption 4/5 A
Converter and (where envisaged) 20 A 12-24 safety fuse

Battery with li-fe PO4 technology fitted with an automatic control circuit board, 20 A capacity to guarantee continuous operation for 4/5 hours depending on the usage and type of tree.

Extension rod