Ribot Telescopic AIMA

The Ribot vibro-shaker is the cutting edge of all twist vibro-shakers, designed and manufactured to satisfy even the most demanding user.
It is a machine designed for extreme use, in any working conditions (untended plants, olives at any stage of maturity) guaranteeing production without equal.
The twist mechanism of the combs strokes the branches in such a way as to drop the olives within the perimeter of the tree.
The Robot vibro-shaker is supplied with a telescopic rod in ergal and/or carbon, double comb for tended trees and 6+6 carbon rods.
Optional double comb with 4+4 rods for untended trees.
12V control panel with 18 metre cable
Machine length: 1980 mm
Car extended length: 2800 mm
Comb width: 355 mm
Length carbon shaft: 370 mm
Engine: 500 W
Average power consumption: 5 AMP
Electronic control unit including limiter absorption
protection, thermal, control, battery and fuse.
power supply:
Battery 12 V Pb from 90/120 AMP recommended.
Battery with li-fe PO4 technology fitted with an automatic control circuit board, 20 A capacity to guarantee continuous operation for 4/5 hours depending on the usage and type of tree.
Comb for untended trees with 4 rods